Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic

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The Stones first developed massive light and sound systems for the huge halls rock groups now play and Alice Cooper expanded the idea by turning concerts into spectacles, but nobody so far has reached the level of extravaganza shown by Led Zeppelin in concert last night at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

Not to mention the three-story banks of lights and speakers that surrounded the four performers and Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic mirrored panels behind them. The sound system was such that at any point in the hall the music was visceral — it could be felt more than heard.

For me, this took some getting used to but once acclimatized it was strangely pleasurable, as if the constant vibrations activated some pleasure center. The Led Zeppelin are one of the three or four most popular rock groups at the moment. In Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic current city concert tour, they have already broken the national attendance record 56, people in Tampa; previous high was the Beatles Shea Stadium show which drew only 55, and have been selling out every show.

Only one newspaper ad and two radio spots were necessary to sell out the Coliseum here in a few days. This is one top group that owes its popularity to talent. Page is one of the finest electric guitarists in the world. Of course he was helped a bit last night by the sound man who added echo, reverb and other aural tricks to augment his voice.

John Bonham, the drummer, displayed superhuman strength by lasting the full three hours without a rest, even after an energetic drum solo that must have lasted 20 minutes. John Paul Jones, an arranger and conductor before joining the group, played bass guitar, electric organ and mellotron.

Led Zeppelin made one of their first public appearances in Seattle just before Christmas as an unknown and unannounced second-on-the-bill to Vanilla Fudge.

It was quite an experience. Another of the great US Tour shows The show, surprisingly, was followed by a very long announcements: "Led Zeppelin has aksed if we can get a few things straight tonight. Nobody around here digs any fireworks - please cool the fireworks. Please also, we have an area right here in front of the stage where we have many optic effects that we need to get off tonight, that we can't have any chance of anybody bumping the stage 'cos it'll completely ruin them.

Their show usually runs about one hour and fortyfive minutes. If you can keep the fireworks down and keep everything off the front, Led Zeppelin would like to thank you and do about three hours tonight! So, sit back and stay cool and we'll have a long great show this evening!

The end has very unusual and exciting rhythm structure in Whole Lotta Love and Robert screaming as the band jam on the end of The Ocean. My first Led Zeppelin show i brought my high school sweet heart Terri and we were both blown away. They were and are such amazing showman. Terry really wasnt a led zeppelin fan but after the show she certainley was there ever after. We were right up front it was incredable i still talk about it. I was only 14 years old and even then i knew they where a great group.

We went to this concert. Larry and I got to the colliseum at am in the morning and the concert started at pm. They pulled out tarps so we could stay out of the rain.

I was a little crazy at the time. We where smoking pot with the cops right there. It was and is probaly the best concert i have every gone to. This was the first concert i ever seen me and a friend had just snuck in we ran unto the floor the band was playing whole lotta of love i was blown away after that i made it my mission for 10 years to see every concert that came to town.

I was there in Seattle at Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic awesome concert. I was 16 years young! To be able to buy tickets which was very expensive at the time, I think they were like 6 or 7 bucks my older brother and I saved up gas money that our parents gave us to drive to school.

Instead we parked the car up the street and took the bus. Now remember this was the 70's, so it wasn't unusual to drop acid and go to a concert and that is just what we did! It was crazy and Robert plant had on these TALL platform shoes and we were pretty close to the front so he looked like he was 20 feet tall!!

It was incredible. He sang his ass off that night and Page was just working that guitar like it was a test from the guitar Gods to get into heaven. The place was packed and there were strung out kids everywhere and lots of craziness going on. One big party with the best party band ever. So I am now 52 and there are rumors buzzing that the group may reunite for a tour minus Plant. I don't think so.

Oh I am sure the concerts will sell out and it will be awesome for some, but for true Zed Heads like me Sugar Daddy - Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy is a insult to Plant.

IMHO of course. July 17th, I was 13 Devil In Disguise - J. Wells - Presents The Wolfpac Mixtape Volume 1 old.

I can't, to this date, believe it but my mom let me and 4 other friends go down to the Seattle Coliseum at am. We were first in line. All day in line of course was an adventure all by it self. When the doors finally opened we sprinted towards the stage and secured our spots in the front row. About two hours later, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were right in front of me. It was an amazing experience. I could not believe I Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic so close to these gods of rock and roll.

Last nite my band mates and I had a vinyl record listening party. I brought my bootleg of this show. Brought Unendliche Liebe - Anal Fister - 123 Fistfuck all those great memories again. I saw Zeppelin another 3 times in Seattle. Twice in and at the Kingdom in In we were front row again for the first show thank you very much and a security guard let us in for free for the second show after milling around the coliseum all day.

Great stuff. Still my favorite rock band of course. People smoking openly much to my surpsrise since I was an El Paso transplant and this was only my 3rd Seattle concert. Cops walking by asked the kid, "what do you think you're doing? The doors opened and we dashed inside, crowding the front Estate - Various - Digital Distortions 1st Birthday Extravaganza the stage in seconds.

Jimmy with his gold Gibson Les Paul in hand, his Fama - Tatuaje bowing to the audience John toyed with his bass and the amp settings.

Bonzo was getting settled and Robert waited with the mic in hand. Suddenly, Bonzo crashed the high hats in rapid succession and I knew what was coming. I was blown away by the bass drum's green lasers shooting out to the crowd and then the thunderous riffs came in from Page and Jones. Robert was faceless, a shadow, backlit in red I rated this show 4 out of 5 stars, which may received some backlash from fans. My reason is that at some point toward the end of their set, during some long jam, it got so damn loud I couldn't hear what they were playing.

I was a small town guy from the midwest at the age of A Place In The Sun - Various - Lounge Story 3 that had moved out to Tacoma in June of with my three best friends. We heard about this concert and knew we had to get tickets. We got in our old heap of a car and somehow made our way to the Coliseum having never been to Seattle. I will never forget how blown away we all were when they started playing.

It was an overwhelming sight and sound experience that I will never forget although we were all in a fog that night. The only other band I saw in concert that came even a little close to this experience was Slade Minneapolis in We had great seats, with a Auto Wreck - Hippopotamus - Hippopotamus view of the stage.

The other thing I remember is how much smoke was hanging in the air during the entire concert. You really didn't even need your own stuff to smoke.

Certainly the musical highlight of my entire life! I have seen Zepplin 5 times. This show however really did change my live. It was my first Zepplin show and have never forgotten it. Led Zeppelin Official Website. You are here Home. Photos from this show:. Video Razr - Various - Jumpstyle Top 100 Vol.3 this show: No videos for this show yet.

Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic check back soon! Seattle Center Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin - Seattle Supersonic - July 17, Submitted by srapallo. Rate this show:. July 17, United States. Seattle Center Coliseum.


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  1. "Moby Dick" is an instrumental and drum solo by English rock band Led Zeppelin, featured on their album Led Zeppelin II. Named after the whale in the novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, it was also known by the alternate titles "Pat's Delight" (early – version with completely different guitar riff) and "Over the Top" (with "Out on the Tiles" intro section and original closing Genre: Blues rock, hard rock. Reply
  2. Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. March 21, Early '90s European release. First CD issue of this material. Compiled from vinyl LPs and No catalogue number listed on discs or cover. Includes 4 page picture booklet. Reply
  3. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Seattle Supersonic on Discogs. Reply
  4. News Report: Led Zeppelin – Rock as ExtravaganzaThe Stones first developed massive light and sound systems for the huge halls rock groups now play and Alice Cooper expanded the idea by turning concerts into spectacles, but nobody so far has reached the level of extravaganza shown by Led Zeppelin in concert last night at the Seattle Center Coliseum/5. Reply

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