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Label: Ariola - 30 478 2 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Club Edition • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop • Style: Pop Rock, Synth-pop, Prog Rock, Disco
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We could discuss about power levels or Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power here without open new thread for every single feat happened in Super. I wish we were told how heavy those weights were. It's clear looks are deceiving since Whis can auto change the weight. DBZ downplayers are ridiculous. They always try looking for excuses and ridiculous theories to downplay DBZ. Ki planet chain reaction theory. Then Ki would be matter manipulation, and DBZ characters would have matter manipulations powers and durability.

DBZ split durability. Energy transforms into other kinds of energy like light, heat, preassure, etc DBZ only has 4 galaxies 4 quadrants, not galaxies. DBZ has more than 4 galaxies. Goku has never busted a planet, so he can't But he has overpowered multiplanet busters with the same powerset they had, it would be contradictory. Jajirobe has a lot of ki and he can't fly, shoot energy attacks, etc Having ki is one think, and knowing how to control it is another thing. Goku can't tank planet busting attacks because he runs of Namek explotion, Gohan died at Majin Buu's explotion, Vegeta died in the Ressurection of Frieza movie Saiyans can't survive in outer space, They would suffocateFrieza survives in spacebesides, they throw multiplanet busting attacks directely to each other all the time.

Whis max speed is the speed of light because he was "surrounded by light" when he flight. Yes, somebody actually said that. Yeah, they will always create all sort of theories or refuse to acknowledge facts in order to downplay. WTF how Tagoma managed to get so strong after 4 months? I'm guessing he's also mutant like Ginyu Force and Frieza. How strong do you think he is? I think he's about as strong as Namek Frieza.

I don't Me Myself I - Joan Armatrading - Me Myself I, Frieza is a casual multiplanet buster at his base, remember that he destroyed Planet Vegeta, and that is worth well over a thousands times an Earth buster. The most powerful attack Saitama has ever received wasn't even an Please Dont Go - Various - Please Dont Go buster, it only had the power to destroy the surface of Earth, but not the whole celestial body.

I calculated Whis speed and it comes into He travels halftime the universe from beerus planet which acording to the DBS chart is at the bottom center of the univere to get to Earth which resides at the edge of the universe according to Bulma. That means Whis must travel 7 billion light years to get to Earth. This takes him approximately 30 minutes to do.

Note I lowballed this to Whis taking an hour to Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power to Earth rather than 30 minutes meaning Whis is. Keep in mind if two spheres have the same density, or the same mass per size. Than if one is 3 times larger than another, the larger one weights 25 times more, not 3 times more. Because You can fit 25 smaller ones inside of the bigger one. What is certain, increasing spheres radius 3 times, increases its weight 25 times.

So if it was the size of Earth than we increased it to its actual size 37k kmit's weight would increase 25 times. I figured as much although I just want to state the fact that is 37, km in diameter, about three time bigger than Earth diameter.

Also the dragon ball are pretty tough in general, they did survived being thrown long distance and being sent away at ftl speed.

D Balls are stones i believe, enhanced with magic, sot that's most likely why there were tough. I think they have the mass of an average stone of their size. Someone mention this in the dragon ball super discussion thread, so I though I'd bring it here. Would Goku carrying Botama be considered a dimension lifting feat? Since Botama send attack to a dimension that maybe inside of him, it would mean that Goku lifted an entire dimension and Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power it.

People need to chill out over Goku lifting Botamo. That's like saying anyone who lifts Kirby is lifting a pocket dimension. The super dragonballs are 25 time the earth if you calc their volume and divide it by Earths volume.

Also Goku and Beerus Outpaced their Souka Selenam - Alkibar Gignor - La Paix shockwaves which end reached the end of the universe in a couple of seconds Also Beerus has infinite durability because I rewatched the episode where he nullified the destruction of the universe and he basically did what Botamo did.

OK just watched the new episode. Piccolo got some good feats. Piccolo was confident that he would be able to beat an opponent that Goku as a super saiyan had seemingly lost too. And he was able to dodge the majority of attacks from Frost's final Form and block them with just one hand.

He would have beaten Frost if it wasn't for the needle. I think that would put him Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power Base Goku right now. But the major feat I want to ask about is him Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power able to break Vados's barrier. Goku's blasts in base and punches were unable to break it.

Also Goku has a super saiyan punched Frost right into the barrier which didn't do anything. And Piccolo had a hole in him when the Zabadak - Various - Super 20 Hit-Power was shot. So how strong do you think Piccolos current special beam canon is. True but he was still able to dodge and move while doing so. Even most attacks from other Z fighters aren't able to be that much stronger than their regular power.

On the barrier thing, just don't get your hopes up, they'll be broken by vegeta, just like he ordered him out of the match. I gotta say dbz character are getting really powerful the feats are really insane but their still not strong enough to take high tier anime marvel or DC character.

Please Log In to post. Vados destroyed a planet without touching it. I look forward to the day we see Whis in a real fight. And no I am not saying its heavier than Earth because we do not know it's density. Cry Real Tears - The Gizmos - Never Mind The Gizmos Heres The Gizmos 1978-1981 post to forums Gen.

Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!


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