Stepping Stones - H.T. Spliff - Out Of The Earths Womb

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Label: Septic Music - SP002 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: UK • Genre: Reggae • Style: Roots Reggae, Dub
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Tim Thomas. Kudaja Navarrete. Rodwan, Jr. Alan Harris is a hospice volunteer and graduate student who helps hospice patients write memoirs, letters, and poetry. Harris is a two-time Pushcart nominee. They ridiculed his peculiar features that he deserved only mud.

On the shore stood an old heron who was weak but wily. And when she could not catch another fish she thought of a ruse to sate her appetite.

Said she to the unsuspecting fish You do not know why I am weeping. So they beseeched her to tell them and the heron fabricated her tale well; While I was resting with my comrade herons I heard the fishermen scheme against you.

Canone - Aldo Clementi - For Saxophones had decided to drain the lake and take the whole lot of you. And though the fish were quite alarmed the heron reassured them. Luckily there is a pond nearby which they will never dry. And she directed them to a waterhole with her three front pointed toes; But be warned that to reach it 8. Do take us! At first, the heron refused to help them, but then gave away reluctantly to their plea and one at a time she flew off with them in Stepping Stones - H.T.

Spliff - Out Of The Earths Womb bill. The mudskipper watched from the shallows as the heron swallowed the others. The wrinkles on your face always point to a better place, yawned Jimi, ordering a Moscow mule.

Let me take over, Jimi says to the bartender because everyone knows the big mouth saves the day. The old man discovered tulle wedding dresses in full organdy— couture state of being, with a craft brew ring around his finger. Bob walks into the bar, a wafting smell of patchouli draws lemurs from his waist along the floor. Along the line of his Achilles tendons are the strewn Stepping Stones - H.T.

Spliff - Out Of The Earths Womb hearts of all Stir it up Jimi cries, reaching for another cocktail. Ari Mokdad is an award winningpublished poet and performance artist. By the quay a lone stevedore ignores heat and thirst, dragging hawsers along the towpath to moor crafts gently yet securely, his funicular expertise accrued over many seasons in austral regions.

Brandon Marlon is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. He received his B. For more: www. He picks Stepping Stones - H.T. Spliff - Out Of The Earths Womb his boots, the current ones, at the door — not the several pairs of never worn, next-in-lines, brands he trusts — Vasque, Keene, Teva, bought on sale over the years, waiting patiently in his closet. He grabs his keys and poles and clicks the garage door open through the window.

Learn more at carlapoet. Always, a camera pointed behind us. Always, a crack to slip through. But they will continue to complain. Maybe it is. This is why everything glows, you say. I will go. She ATFC Feat.

Inaya Day - Reach Out To Me the best thing about ears is how easily lies flutter into them. They blink on and off and on and off. This is the language of hope, sped up to match the seasons. Things are going to get so much worse for everyone but me. Pick a direction and hobble. I lost my eyes on the way to work, replaced them with a couple of brown recluses that were hiding in my sleeves. They crawled in while I spent a decade asleep.

Dreams are the hardest thing to remember. The reason you wanted to sleep is the hardest thing to forget. All I could see were flies. Do you want to know the story? There was a woman in the street, standing, her arms raised to the sky like that meant something outside of a movie.

At lunchtime, there were protestors with signs talking about the treatment of animals. The thing about signs is you can write anything on them.

The same is true of the heart. I thought it was trumpets announcing Revelation, but it was just some asshole trying to get to death faster. He lives in northern Virginia with his daughter. Escher Not unlike evaporation- rise and fall perception. Looked through angles appeared perpetual. Confounded lens eyes tricked from three dimensional back to two then back again- evaporated in impossible constructs.

Yet water falls only to rise again— Jesus knows how the waterwheel turns lifts its load up again onto itself, against common physics- gravity has lost its pull. Pray- how does water violate energies left behind in kinetic forevers? Evaporation, lost only to find itself in angle folds, eyes misted must followillusion on lithograph, the addled mind provoked to conflict. Watch the wheel splashed fallings sluice along impossible angled aqueducts over into infinity.

Dutchman from lowlands would know graats- tricks of water tide lines rise fall. Columns support ruse in mathematical consternation. Mill house- an architectural device lifting view back to an agony of deception.

A lady hangs laundry on the line- like you. Lines are duty. A man who stands out below against a terrace wall rapt in daydream This- is all of us. Background of descending farm terraces affix depth of light, bizarre coned plants, bugle born, lacy coral-like limbs, magnified moss and lichen.

Water flows infeasible. Interpretation of distances a continuum the brain insist it is- yet it is not- but still holds water with perspective argued to a draw. Atop the aqueduct towers, two distortionsGeometric boasts of impossible- possible.

Polyhedrons, octahedrons confounding further the visual paradox- arithmetic of doubts all flowing over the edge turned angles of anomaly to a surrealistic real. Concepts of the irregular. One ponders the fibs. Fighting reality. Imagine a junction where water falls- rises against itself.

Perspective, of course, is everything. David Bowman served time in Italia for smuggling; four years. He does not consider it his high point. He Stepping Stones - H.T. Spliff - Out Of The Earths Womb lived in Sterling Heights and worked in Detroit, discussed poetry with M. L Leibler on his radio show. This, he does not consider his low point. Life is funny. They put that crap together. Fake news Honest I Do - Richard Koechli - Searching For The Blues indeed fake news.

Nieks Manęs Nemyli - Deivis - Oro Lėktuvėlis what Nazi Germany did. Never happened. A failing pile of garbage. No matter where you go today there will be cameras in the strangest places. You better be careful.

Cameras are all over the place. The American people are concerned about it. Because no matter where you go, it will happen, almost simultaneously, shortly thereafter.

It will be essentially, simultaneously, probably, the same day, could be the same hour. Very complicated stuff. People will go crazy. It will happen. The same poem inspired a creative installation by architect students who gave the words back to the city of Detroit.


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  3. A1-Out of the Earth's womb A2-Cant believe my eyes A3-Stepping stones A4-Never run away B1-Work B2-Twentieth century B3-Ten thousand B4-H.T. Spliff. GRADING. VINYL BOTH SIDES A & B STILL RETAIN THERE WONDERFULL GLOSS SHINE. THERE ARE SOME SMALL PAPER SCUFFS FROM THE ALBUM BEING REMOVED FROM THE SLEEVE. PLAY BACK IS GRAND AND OVERALL . Reply
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  5. H.T. Spliff - Out Of The Earth's Womb () Record date: Album style: roots, group vocal Playlist: Outof The Earth's Womb Can't Believe My Eyes Stepping Stones Never Run Away. Reply
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